The Cambodia International Conference on Mentoring Educators 2023 is on its way!

We are preparing to hold an hybrid CICME with speakers and attendee both online and in Phom Penh, November 22-24.

Visit the CICME-23 event website for all information, to submit, registrer, and attend online:

This year’s sponsors and supporting organizations are:


Previous CICME events

You will find out more about previous CICME events on the following pages [in developtment]:



The Cambodia International Conference on Mentoring Educators events where initiated in 2020 by Dr. CHAN Roath, Dr. Catherine Prammer and Pr. Jean-Francois Maheux, and is hosted by the New Generation Pedagogical Research Center (NGPRC) in Phnom Phen, Cambodia.

The general goal of the conference is to share research and experiences around mentoring to the benefit of Cambodian education system stakeholders (including teacher educators, administrators, government representative, school directors, teachers, mentors, graduate students, and so on) while giving opportunities to all people working or interested in mentoring to meet and discuss. 

Thanks to the implication of Pr. Beverly J. Irby, partnership with the Education Leadership Research Center of the Texas A&M University College of Education and Human Development opens new horizons for CICME and show how the event also creates networking opportunities.

For any questions about the conference, and to join us one way or another, please contact Pr. Jean-Francois Maheux at